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利好:虚幻引擎全面支持ARKit 和ARCore

利好:虚幻引擎全面支持ARKit 和ARCore

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    Police are trying to track down a Patentia, West Coast Demerara man in connection with the murder of 25-year-old Dellon Bradford, who was stabbed to death two Wednesdays ago,Cheap Jerseys From China, during a dispute with relatives of his reputed wife.Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum said that police have already been advised to charge the suspect,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, who is known as ‘Scrawly,’ but they have been unable to locate him.Dellon Bradford, called ‘Chicken’, of Skull City, Patentia,Cheap Jerseys Paypal, died at the West Demerara Regional Hospital after collapsing on a roadway in his community with stab wounds to the back, stomach and arm-pit.Police had earlier detained a woman and a male relative,Wholesale China Jerseys, but subsequently released them.Bradford had fathered three children, aged seven, two and one.Police sources said that an arrest warrant was out for Bradford,NFL Jerseys Outlet, who had failed to return to court to answer to a robbery charge.According to police officials, the mother of Bradford’s children lives a short distance away from his residence, and at around 19.30 hrs on Wednesday, March 23, she accused him of breaking into her residence when no one was at home,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, and making off with $200,000.It is alleged that Bradford punched her after she confronted him with the allegation.Some of the woman’s relatives, including ‘Scrawly’, reportedly then stabbed him.But Bradford’s relatives allege that the woman’s relatives, including ‘Scrawly’, attacked him after the couple had an altercation over her drinking.They claimed that Bradford’s reputed wife was drinking at a house a short distance from his residence, when he asked her to come home and look at the children. When she refused, he reportedly slapped her. It was then that the woman’s relatives stabbed Bradford.Some of Bradford’s associates said that the wounded man ran towards them. He reportedly said “you see what they do to me?” he then collapsed.The friends then rushed him to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he succumbed.


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    The year 2008 has come to an end, much to the relief of public servants in particular, and the Guyanese citizenry in general. Many are convinced that it was only by a miracle they were able to survive in the volatile and traumatic environment, which is now so much part of the Guyanese reality.There is no question that,Cheap Authentic NFL Jersey, throughout 2008, there was great need for levels of pay to match upward increases in prices and in the cost of living. An escalating rate of inflation and the failure of the Government to pay workers remuneration reflective of increases in the real level of inflation could be further compounded by Government’s claims that Guyana would not be significantly impacted by the financial and other challenges now affecting the United States of America, Europe and other parts of the world.These countries have at least acknowledged existence of the problem, and taken steps to address, mitigate, if not solve, the crisis which, according to respected authorities, is likely to be of major concern throughout 2009 and beyond.Though few are personally invested in and impacted by the housing and financial crises in these countries, this cannot be seen as a foreign issue only, since many more Guyanese depend significantly on remittances and other forms of support from abroad.During the year 2008, the Guyana Public Service Union ((GPSU) has faced the continuing problem of convincing the Government ((the employer of public servants), to properly negotiate with the objective of ensuring that its employees are adequately and fairly remunerated in consonance with increases in the cost of living, as reflected in the Government’s own cost of living index.Public servants are not so disadvantaged when compared with other employees; but, as the GPSU has time and again demonstrated, public servants actually subsidize governmental operations as a direct result of Government’s failure to accept and introduce measures to ensure that its employees receive allowances ((travelling,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, meal allowance, subsistence, etc.), reflecting the extent to which prices have increased over time.Increases in allowances of 31.01% for 1999 and 26.60% for 2000 were awarded in 1999 by the Armstrong Tribunal, which also ordered that increment be paid with effect from 1999. This was not done and has had a devastating effect on morale; regardless of performance, no increase is granted.This development has contributed to the situation of penury and degradation in which many public servants now find themselves. The Government has exhibited gross indifference to efforts by the Union to have this situation corrected within the terms of the Collective Labour Agreement.The Government’s policy of unilaterally imposing and undermining benefits to workers continues in the face of the Collective Agreement — a legal contract. Effectively, the Collective Labour Agreement has been reduced to an instrument to be ignored and manipulated by Government in its own interest.In this regard, it consistently resorts to illegal and questionable devices, such as protracting and postponing negotiations, and ultimately, unilaterally determining the rewards to be bestowed on its employees.The Pubic Service Modernisation Project, which was embraced by the Union,wholeslae cheap nfl jerseys china, and raised expectations by public servants and citizenry of improvement in the structure and processes of the public service, has been frustrated and undermined by the unwillingness of the Administration to accept and implement, in a timely manner, the recommendations of Consultants and on which the Union is in agreement.There are blatant attempts by the Government to undermine the National Trade Union Movement and have it supplanted by a more pliable group, as exemplified by the introduction of a Trade Union Recognition Amendment Bill 2008. This would directly undermine the basic rights of ordinary working class people, a development which must be resisted at all times.Elections for the Executive Council of the Union are scheduled to be held this year. Members must take a serious view of this, since it is pivotal to streamlining and intensifying the thrust of the Union in its efforts to address and correct the many problems which persisted throughout 2008, as well as those bound to emerge during the new year.It is also projected that new and unprecedented challenges, from which Guyana would not be immune, would have to be faced.I take this opportunity to thank members and friends of the Union for their unstinted support during the past year. Even at this point in time, it has to be appreciated that dealing with the challenges of 2009 will require unity,Cheap Jerseys China, involvement, enhanced awareness and consciousness of the members of our Union,China Jerseys Free Shipping, to successfully advance our causes and secure the viability of our Union. I am inviting all members,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, friends and well wishers to be part of this process.


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据了解,AR易购已于10月6日在苹果应用商店正式上架了先行版本,是苹果第一批增强现实应用程序之一,消费者可自行下载到拥有iOS 11的苹果手机上进行体验。










苏宁六大产业正逐步走向融合,会员一账通行,全产业、全渠道、全客群围绕“智慧” 相互渗透,技术应用场景数不胜数,针对IT研发人员的万人计划也在推动。相信在可预见的未来,苏宁将通过黑科技、新技术,满足消费者之所需,迈入智慧零售新时代。

发布会当天,体验专区现场可谓是人气爆棚。人脸识别、智能推荐、身边苏宁、智能导购、AR易购等黑科技纷纷亮相。“该产品是由苏宁美国硅谷研究院基于最新增强现实技术AR Kit开发而来。”苏宁易购现场工作人员向问询者解释说,苏宁美国硅谷研究院拥有一支创新应用研究团队,专门研究最新技术在智慧零售中的应用落地。



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扫描第一页后,手机屏幕上出现了一幅没有省份标识的中国地图,且没有任何声音和文字出现。让原珊困惑的是,http://www.pvclu.com,书中的引导语是 ??“那片我们生活的国土,到底在地球的哪个位置呢”,本以为3D的中国地图会出现在世界地图的相应位置。 然而,芥末堆发现,手机里的中国地图孤立地出现在扫描后的页面上,并不能告诉小朋友中国到底在哪里,书本和AR效果像是两个单独的个体,很难让体验者产生增强现实的感受。









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    "Choy Lay Fut" Hong Kong movie debut exhibition, said Ye Love never Businessman | Michelle Ye | Choy Lay Fut

((Reporter ZhouZhao / Wen Wang Weixuan / Chart) by the first Baoqiang starring kung fu comedy "Choy Lee Fist" will be released on May 10. After the film tells the story of a boy growing up in the United States Liang won the championship boxing back to Cai Jiangmen learn traditional ceremony,woolrich, but also gain a love. The film starred by the couple Baoqiang and Michelle partner. FILMART on 21 May, Michelle for the first time when it comes to publicity for the film story of their feelings, respect for the businessman not interested, just like art male.

And play a couple Baoqiang

Intimate kiss

On the big screen,hogan outlet, Michelle image has been quite serious. Whether in Johnnie movie or in the movie "Bruce Lee" inside. But this "Choy Lee fist", she has appeared in comedy face, staged a romantic comedy with Wang Baoqiang. In the film,louboutin, Wang Baoqiang one of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu, and Michelle is based Sanda against. In addition, the film''s director, Michelle also revealed in the film and also Baoqiang intimate kiss. However,hogan sito ufficiale, with the kissing scenes Baoqiang,louboutin pas cher, whether Michelle kiss afloat? In this regard,hogan outlet online, Michelle Ye smiles: I talked to him like a close family, so not a passion play. Michelle Ye that "Choy Lay Fut" entry point rather special, unlike the "Ip Man" so serious, coupled with Ng Man Tat, fei Yuanqiong Dan and the old drama of bone support field,hogan scontate, a lot of the film''s laugh fruit.

Like art M

Traders advised not to pursue their own

Michelle has always been low-key entry for many years a lot of gossip, but very little positive response to the feelings of things to the media. On the 21st, she was pressed for the first time the media responded frankly no lack of suitors, but businessmen are not interested.

Michelle said she was more like to have artistic or scholarly. The current emotional state is: individual may also be considered,piumini woolrich, but have yet to be investigated. Because of their work,woolrich uomo, Ye said his perennial in different cities, and also examine the object together from many,hogan sito ufficiale, so for her boyfriend''s study period than women to grow. As for the flash marriage, Michelle Ye,hogan donna, however, think it is more stupid act.

In recent years,woolrich, Hong Kong became popular actress married into the Mainland. In this regard, Michelle Ye was born in Hangzhou, feel normal, compared to other regions of the boys,hogan lovells italy, the boys mainland relatively educated,chaussures louboutin pas cher, considerate enough, will be more refined,louboutin, cute. But Michelle businessman expressed no interest: I always feel that there is no culture of businessmen,hogan interactive shop online, merchants need not be so if the idea of moving after me, save it save time.

Michelle admits around very public pursuit. And she felt the most romantic pursuit encountered: he was working abroad, and then deliberately take long-haul aircraft to fly back just to see your face, sit for half an hour and fly back. So he is willing to take the time for you,hogan interactive shop online, pretty people moving. Had set out early prose Ye too busy now has very little written text, she smiles: now mainly to listen to the boys obsessed with love letters. And she heard that word is the most romantic man Reviewed excerpt Zhao and Shen Congwen caused by the phrase: I have seen a lot of places cloud, across the bridge in many places, many places to drink wine,peuterey donna, but only a legitimate loved Love of a good woman.



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    A group calling itself the Guyana National Advocate Youth Parliament has challenged the authenticity and credibility of the National Youth Parliament, headed by information liaison to the President, Kwame McCoy.The group,China Jersyes Cheap, which was recently registered, is challenging the current McCoy-led body on the ground that it is unconstitutional,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, politically affiliated and not in sync with the constitution of the World Youth Parliament.Three of the group’s executive members,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Anthony Nestor, who is a representative of the World Youth Parliament; Jael Headley, President of the Guyana National Advocate Youth Parliament; and Pooran Appadu, Treasurer, visited this newspaper on Tuesday to set the record straight with regards to their plans and agenda.Nestor,cheap nfl jerseys elite, a Trinidadian by birth, told Kaieteur News that he was invited to Guyana last year by the late Winston Murray to look into the development of the Guyana National Youth Parliament.He said that he had established a healthy itinerary which included a meeting with the local National Youth Caucus.However, he found out that the local Youth Parliament had not functioned since 2005 and was not even registered.In addition, it was not functioning in keeping with the constitution of the World Youth Parliament to which it should be affiliated.Nestor pointed out that the National Youth Parliament around the world is governed by one constitution that governs youth.“We are now establishing a National Advocate Youth Parliament through the World Youth Parliament, using the worldwide constitution,” Nestor said.He noted that the National Youth Parliament of Guyana is supposed to be a non-religious, non-political and non-governmental organisation.However its present head, Kwame McCoy,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, is a member of a political party and is older than the required age for members ?between 18 and 35.Therefore, Nestor said,China Jerseys, the National Youth Parliament does not conform to the World Youth Parliament constitution.This newspaper understands that since the establishment of the new Advocate Youth Parliament, members of the “Mock Youth Parliament” have been harassing its members.“They are saying that our group is a threat to the PPP. Kwame ((McCoy) has been calling our members and telling them all sorts of things,” Nestor disclosed.According to the World Youth Parliament representative, the newly registered body is seeking to establish a permanent youth parliament.“We will continue to advocate the Youth Parliament until the Bill is passed for the setting up of a permanent Youth Parliament in Guyana so that the voice of youth can be heard,” Nestor said.He stated that the newly formed body will provide a forum for youth to come together, empowering them to participate in leadership and to increase the realisation as a generation of youth that are responsible and accountable.The motto of the organisations is: “Eminent young people with a voice.”“Sixty-two percent of the electorate are between the ages of 18 and 35 and we have serious issues. No security, no jobs, no voice no representation and no information,” Nestor told Kaieteur News.The new Advocate Youth Parliament will be holding a series of events to highlight the movement and what it stands for.“We are seeking volunteers to be part of the new advocate. We will take on persons who are involved with the mock Youth Parliament once they are willing to work with the constitution of the World Youth Parliament which is headed by Nigerian David Shitsimi,China Jerseys,” Nestor said.


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    Police at Vigilance on the East Coast of Demerara detained over 20 persons for questioning as they probe the murder of Suresh Bhola which occurred outside a popular bar in the village of Strathspey early yesterday morning.By late yesterday however, only six men who were described as suspects remained in custody.Bhola was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Hospital, around 00:15 hours.He was picked up outside the bar bleeding from a wound to his abdomen, which he sustained during a brutal fight that had erupted among patrons of the bar.Police in a press statement said that Suresh Bhola was found lying on an access road at Strathspey with a wound to his abdomen and was taken to the GPHC where he was pronounced dead.Dead: Suresh Bhola No one knows for sure who inflicted the wound on Bhola, but according to eyewitnesses, the father of three was playing the role of peacemaker when he was stabbed.When this newspaper visited the scene, outside the bar resembled a storm hit area,NFL Jerseys China, with broken bottles and pieces of wood strewn along the roadway.Over at the dead man’s house,Wholesale NFL Jerseys 2018, several persons gathered there to offer condolences to his wife Sharmilla and other relatives.Sharmilla Bhola told this newspaper that her husband, a carpenter, left their home around 18:00 hours, saying that he was going out on the road and ended up at the popular bar which was being patronized by the usual weekend crowd.She said that her husband would not normally visit the bar,China NFL Jerseys, which is just a stone’s throw from his home, but for some strange reason he was there “taking a drink with some friends”.Several hours later, Sharmilla Bhola heard a big commotion coming from the direction of the bar.“About 11 o’clock,cheap nfl jerseys online, people call awe and tell awe how he get stab and he dead.”But by the time she and other relatives reached the scene, the badly injured man was already on his way to the hospital.A bartender at the club, who did not want to be named,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, told Kaieteur News that it was he who rushed Bhola to the hospital after several persons called on him for assistance.He told Kaieteur News that from his vantage point in the bar he could not see what exactly was taking place outside but he knew that several persons were engaged in a fight.Three detectives ((left) in conference outside the bar where the incident occurred.A source in the village where the incident occurred told this newspaper that the fighting stemmed from a row over a female employee of the establishment.“Bottle been flying left right and centre and was everybody grabbing fuh something fuh defend themselves. When everything almost died down, we see de man ((Bhola) lying down pon de road, he nah move,” one eyewitness told Kaieteur News.Sharmilla Bhola could not offer much insight as to what led to her husband’s demise.“Me hear dem say that they had a fight in de place and he come out fuh help part, and ma ain’t know how de boy get fu stab he,” she said.Residents claimed that the assailants, some of whom are still being detained at the Vigilance Police Station, are from another village on the Lower East Coast of Demerara.They said that during the melee,Wholesale Jerseys USA, a few of the assailants managed to flee the scene while the others were held back until the police arrived to calm things down.“Dem boys hold on pon three ah dem and beat dem, de rest run away. If dem boys didn’t hold on pon dem three all ah dem would ah get away,” a villager from Strathspey related.The three men who were arrested at the scene were taken to the Georgetown Hospital for treatment to several wounds they received during the incident.Investigators have not recovered any weapon that they suspect was used to stab Bhola but they hope that by the time their investigations are completed they will be able to ascertain who the killer is.


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    – Labour MinisterLabour Minister Manzoor Nadir has assured that it is unlawful for any company to prevent its employees from being allowed to exercise their franchise today which has also been declared a Public Holiday.He says that it is unlawful for an employer to deny its employees this right,Wholesale China Jerseys, especially on a Public Holiday.Nadir was at the time responding to allegations that the Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc ((BCGI owned by RUSAL) at Aroiama and Kwakwani will not be allowing its employees time off to go and vote today.One of the stakeholders involved in the election had reported that the workers will not,jerseys nfl wholesale, as traditionally is the case,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, be released from work from yesterday afternoon in order to travel to their respective polling districts in order to vote today.Persons will only be allowed to vote at the polling station in the district where they would have been registered or have lodged a change of address with the Guyana Elections Commission.BCGI has reportedly informed its workers that they will only be released from this morning even though they would have completed their work yesterday afternoon.The stakeholder making the complaint is concerned about the development,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, since many of the company’s workers live far distances away from Aroiama and Kwakwani and if they are to leave this morning they may not get to their respective polling stations in order to vote.


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    “If you want to be successful…there is a simple way…you have to work hard. Never give up. Master what you are doing and it will work out.”By Leonard GildarieThere are many inspiring experiences that we hear little of, sometimes never at all.Simple people from simple backgrounds just doing their thing despite the discouragement, despite the warnings. And in most cases, it has worked for them.Special Person – Nateram RamnananIt has worked for people like Mark Zuckerberg whose crazy idea turned Facebook into a multi-billion-dollar social network business and Howard Hughes, whose aggressive business attitude built an empire, dabbling with his passions of movies, real estate and airplanes, in the US.Successful countries have been built on the sweat of many little, family-owned companies which over time evolved into much-loved household-name products.In Guyana,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, like so many parts of the world, government has been encouraging its people to invest, to take a chance, to work hard. For Nateram Ramnanan, his success was born more of a need to make a living than so much for the love of what he was doing.He has now managed to build a successful family-owned business from nothing. Today, he has established himself as one of the more established businessmen on Essequibo Coast, winning awards and selected to travel all over the region to learn more. He has been giving back, employing people and doing what he knows best.And for Ramnanan, a father of four, who is known more popularly by his nickname, ‘Juiceman’, it all started from cane juice.His business place at Grant Berthrum, Upper Pomeroon, has been visited by a President, ministers and even lending agencies have been recognizing his entrepreneurial contributions, inviting him for training and sending him overseas.Hard TimesRamnanan, now 52,NFL Jerseys Supply, grew up in Windsor Castle, on the Essequibo Coast. Times were hard for the family of 11… there was simply not enough at times to go around.? He was the eldest of nine ((six brothers and three sisters) and was expected to play his part.His father, known as ‘Cane Juice Man’,Cheap Jerseys Free, sold the sweet product to support the family at Anna Regina,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, the main town and at Charity, a gateway to the interior and a main trading area.Humble beginnings! It was hard labour, manually grinding the cane.For little Nateram, there was no time for holidaying. He had to help his father. Their little wooden home in Windsor Castle had many mouths to feed and there was much work to be done.So while he wanted so badly to excel at school, he had to make some hard choices. He had to give up school on mainly Mondays and Fridays – market days for the Essequibo Coast.“I wanted to get an education. I know it was the way out. But it was hard.”He got his chance when in his teens, he was accepted into Kuru Kuru College, which had an extension in Essequibo, and for one year he studied management.In the early ‘80s, he was hired to work at a cassava mill in Charity. It was owned by the Guyana Sugar Corporation ((GuySuCo). He stayed there for five years, learning how to make cassava flour and about processing… experiences that would serve him well later.Back then, as the older among us would know, government had restricted the importation of several items, including flour. It was designed to encourage local, alternative food production. Cassava flour was substitute for many.It was while at that cassava facility that Nateram met his wife, Parbattie, who worked at another GuySuco establishment, a carambola ((five-finger) processing factory not far away. They soon got married.In the meantime, Nateram’s father had continued his cane juice business.Now a man with responsibilities and a family, the restless Nateram knew that a $250 salary would not be enough. He was looking for opportunities. He was hungry for it.An opportunityThe opportunity opened up when, while on a visit to Charity, he saw an old cane juice mill, belonging to a family that was not in use. Using some money he had put aside, he paid $300 for it. It was the wisest investment he ever made.Using a cart, he set up shop, selling cane juice to the many who visited Charity. His wife was with him “foot-to-foot”. It was tough work. He was manually turning the mill all day long. The working day would sometimes go to eight o’clock in the nights.“This was a manual mill that you had to scrape the cane and grind it manually and sell it right away to the customers.”His children – he has four of them now – would sometimes stay by his parents and sometimes with his in-laws. At other times,China Soccer Jerseys, the children would be with the family at the juice stand.Nateram ‘Juiceman’ Ramnanan receiving his GMSA award in 2011 for his contributions to agro-processing in Guyana.Nateram was lucky. With the import restriction, there was a hugely profitable contraband business for all kinds of things including sardines, flour and split peas. Charity was a place to go for these. His cane juice stand benefitted from the crowds.‘Juiceman’, as he was now known, was becoming popular. The Amerindians coming down the Pomeroon, persons from the Essequibo Coast, and miners, were all heading to Charity.His glass of cane juice and his wife’s cassava balls were a must.It was in the early ‘90s that one of the Barakat brothers, Samuel, who owned a fabrication business on the East Coast of Demerara, met with Nateram.Why was ‘Juiceman’ manually killing himself? Barakat offered the little Charity man to build an engine-run mill.Nateram was more than glad. Soon, the mill was introduced and the juice stand, known as ‘Original Juice’ started to grow, becoming a permanent structure. It still stands there.A family in Grant Berthrum, Upper Pomeroon, not far away,Wholesale China Jerseys Free Shpping, from whom Nateram had purchased his manual mill, asked if he was interested to buy their property.“The lady that owned the property…we got along well whenever she returned to Guyana. They decided to sell and I was looking to find a place.”Agro-processingIt was at this location on the Pomeroon River that Nateram started experimenting with other juices like guava and coconut water, setting up his factory.His eldest son was running the juice stand and Nateram concentrated on the processing at this location. He started an experiment that saw him blending and juicing the fruits that grew around his home.? He ventured into juicing fruits and vegetables, even pumpkin and ginger, and distributing his signature product to markets in rural and urban areas of Guyana and to a few Caribbean countries, including the Dominican Republic.Ramnanan ((far left) at an overseas trade show.He was recognized for his entrepreneurial energies by the Institute of Private Enterprise Development ((IPED), Partners of America, and the Guyana Manufacturing Association and the trainings started. He was exposed to all kinds of fora on processing and juicing, travelling to places like St. Vincent and even showcasing his products in Canada.‘Juiceman’ was looking for more opportunities. He searched and soon found more equipment to make his work easier and expand to other products.While his core business was juices, which now included cherry and golden apple, he also ventured into other areas like bottling of pepper sauce, achar and jam and jelly. It was a chance that was not to be regretted. He was selling his products countrywide.He came under the radar of the United States Agency for International Development ((USAID) and Dr. Leslie Chin, whose work locally with micro-businesses is legendary.“USAID, Dr. Chin, Mr Barakat and IPED and so many others have been there for us. I thank them.”The family started to experiment even more with vegetables and the products were terrific. ‘Juiceman’ started going as far as Port Kaituma, Region One, to market his varying creations. Sterling Products, restaurants and hotels are among the numerous customers supporting him.The business has grown now, with over 20 persons employed.“You see,Cheap Jerseys, I did not want to remain poor. Our family home in Windsor Castle had no flush toilet and I wanted my children to be educated. This is what pushed me. I did not want them to want for clothes and things like that.”While Charity has been changing quickly, modernizing with malls and huge buildings going up, Nateram is determined also not stay static. He is now well known in the business sector.“If you want to be successful…there is a simple way…you have to work hard. Never give up. Master what you are doing and it will work out.”This is how it is done! ‘Juiceman’ at work.Today, Nateram is involved in all kinds of charity work, something he is not willing to talk too much about. He is heavily involved in the private sector lobbying organizations like the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association.It was last year that this same organization recognized his contributions, and maybe in his crowning achievement, awarded him for his contributions to Guyana’s agro-processing sector. Nateram and his family are now eyeing the canning business and soon he will be expanding even more, thanks to new, state-of-the-art equipment he is looking at from neighbouring Brazil.“My wife, my family and my workers, are my strength,” a humble ‘Juiceman’ says.He is a special person indeed.
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